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Ford in Zambia

A trusted partner of the world’s largest automakers

Based in Zambia since 1934, Vehicle Centre Zambia Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Ford Motor Company. It sells a wide range of new passenger vehicles under the Ford brand.

Broad local reach to guarantee efficiency

Based in Lusaka, Vehicle Centre Zambia Ltd provides cross-country coverage. Boasting an outlet in Kitwe, Vehicle Centre Zambia Ltd can offer its customers greater responsiveness and availability.

Successful customer-focused organization

Vehicle Centre Zambia Ltd leverages the logistics capabilities of the CFAO Group, particularly its storage platforms in Europe, to ensure availability and short delivery lead times for vehicles and spare parts.

A team of over 68 highly qualified, competent professionals work together to deliver customer satisfaction and service excellence while respecting the demands of automakers and complying with international standards.



The man who put the world on four wheels

The Ford empire was created by one man: Henry Ford. Combining precision, continuity and speed, Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line, which allowed a car to be built every 10 seconds. This reduced production costs and led to profound social change, with lower selling prices and higher wages enabling even Ford workers to aspire to purchase their own vehicle. Ford gave the automobile a global dimension and at the same time revolutionized lifestyles.

Relentlessly forward-thinking

Ever forward-thinking, environmental concerns have long been a high priority for Ford. From vehicle design through to recycling, Ford is increasingly intent on reducing its carbon footprint through a host of different initiatives. These include a new range of optimum ECOnetic technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, more energy-efficient EcoBoost engines with maintained performance, more eco-friendly production facilities, and electric, hybrid and rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles.

New intuitive, intelligent technologies

Ford's R&D capabilities also focus on intuitive and intelligent technologies aimed at offering superior driving pleasure, maximum safety and unbeatable comfort. Each Ford model offers industry-leading performance and reliability. According to the 2010 Consumer Reports survey, Ford is among the top ten most reliable automakers in the market.

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